Femtosecond Laser

TCR-OSC is an industrial-grade, self-starting mode-locking femtosecond fiber seed source, which is developed based on the company’s self-developed automatic mode-locking technology and ultra-high-precision dispersion management technology. The seed source adopts an integrated photoelectric design, air-cooled heat dissipation, and output through a polarization-maintaining fiber, which is convenient for connection with other systems. The seed source has good scalability, and can be customized according to customer needs such as different wavelengths, different powers, and different repetition frequencies to meet different application fields. TCR-OSC is an ideal femtosecond pulse light source in the fields of industry or scientific research, especially in applications such as amplification system seed source and terahertz wave generation.

Product Features

High stability

<100fs narrow pulse width

Self-starting mold locking

Low cost



Seed light source of laser amplifier

Terahertz wave generation

Nonlinear optics research

Ultrafast phenomenon research

High-speed optical sampling oscilloscope

Product Index

 Model No. TCR-OSC-1030 TCR-OSC-1560
Wavelength [nm] 1030 1560
Spectral Bandwidth[nm] 10 40
Pulse Width[fs] <300 <100
Average Power [mW] 10 10
Repetition frequency[MHz] 5-40 30-100
Power Stability <0.5% RMS
Output Port PM fiber, FC/APC
Supply Specification DC12V 6A
Control Connection Ethernet/RS232
Sync output SMA Trigger
Size[mm] 180×130×65
Weight[Kg] 2
Operating  temperature[℃] 15-35
Preheating time[min] < 5

Remark :Products with other indicators can be customized according to customer needs.



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