Laser cleaning machine

Laser source could be Fiber Laser, Pulse laser . It could be used on  De-coating of small areas ,Restoration & Conservation,  Natural stone cleaning, Rust/oxide removal, Oil & grease removal, Selective paint removal, Micro-profiling, Pre-treatment to enhance adhesive bonding
 Model     No.     XCL-200  XLC -300
Laser Source Pulse laser Pulse laser
Average Laser Power   200W 300W
Single  Pulse  Energy 10MJ-12MJ 15MJ
Peak   Power 40KW 60KW
Head  Weight 1.6KG 1.6KG
Scanning Width 5mm-120mm continous adjustment 5mm-120mm continous adjustment
Rusting Thickness100μm 1.5/h 2/h
Painting  Thickness120μm 2/h 3/h
Euipment Weight 190kg 190kg




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